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Quetzalli Spa Massage & Skin Care offers you a wide variety of holistic and alternative treatments that incorporate the foundations of the disciplines of East and West, trying to integrate the totality of the Being in all its dimensions. Based on the nature of life, their therapies focus on finding a harmonious physical and mental state. There is nothing more pleasing than the combination of your most select and sensational Spa Rituals that will fill your body with peace, harmony and maximum relaxation.

Spa Menu
✿ Acupuncture
✿ Relaxing Massage
✿ Deep Tissue
✿ Therapeutic Massage
✿ Hot Stones Massage
✿ Relif Massage
✿ Ayurverda Massage
✿ Holistic Massage
✿Aromatherapeutic Massage
✿Massage of Tired Legs
✿ Neck and Shoulder Massage
✿Manicure & Pedicure
✿ Hands and Feet Treatments
✿ Bodywraps
✿Velo de Novia treatment
✿ Facial and Rejuvenation Treatments
✿ Ear Candle
✿ Spa Rituals and more ...

Home service
Specialized Group Attendance
We have 15 Certified Therapists

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Men & Women Profesional Therapist
Appointments at Phone (322) or Cel. 044 322120 0949
128 Manuel M. Dieguez corner to Olas Altas Street Old Town
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